This is a solution for those folks who are not System Admins and/or are not connected to a network. It’s a great solution for a home PC that has multiple users or for a PC in an office that gets used by multiple users.
Most computers come with some preset home page that is covered with ads and links that do nothing but annoy you and put more money in the pockets of the PC manufacturers. So here’s a tip for presetting the home page in Internet Explorer for every user that ever logs in to a single PC:

1. From the Start Menu, pick Run, type in GPEDIT.MSC and click OK.
2. Under User Configuration (middle of left pane), click the + next to Windows Settings.
3. Then click the + next to Internet Explorer Maintenance.
4. Now click on URLs.
5. In the RIGHT pane, double click Important URLs. This will open a dialog box where you can edit the Home page URL.
6. Check the box next to Customize Home page URL. This will turn the text box below from gray to white.
7. Type in (or what ever you want your home page to be) and click OK.
8. Close the Group Policy Editor.

Now, when a new user logs in to the PC for the first time, their home page will be whatever you entered in the dialog box. They can still change it, but they won’t be bothered by the default home page set by the manufacturer.

Good luck!