I have a 2001 SAAB 9-3 SE convertible. This is the model with the speakers in the doors. I recently replaced the factory stereo with a double DIN Pioneer model (see details in earlier post). The Pioneer only offered (4) amplified channels out of the head and these were easy to wire up directly using the harness supplied by Crutchfield. So I lived with 4 speakers for a while. In a convert, this blows so I started to look at getting the door speakers back. I looked at replacement amps, but then I figured I would have to get new speakers, etc. So I turned to just reusing the stock amp. I found the pinout diagram below and used the 8-pin din cable that came with the original stereo to create a wire harness. I thought I’d share the colors and such. I regret that I didn’t take photos of my process…

In the DIN cable, the wires are as follows:

  • Front Left: Dark Green
  • Front Right: Gray
  • Back Left: Light Green (the greens are a little hard to distinguish – I used a continuity tester to be sure)
  • Back Right: Blue
  • Amp On: Red
  • Signal Ground: Bare Copper from inside inner sleeve where the above wires come from
  • DIN Plug Ground: Bare Cooper from outer sleeve
  • The “Not Connected” wire is Orange.
  • I did not have a Mute wire.