We have recently added a few XP x64 PC’s to our network and thought it would be simple since there are x64 drivers for the CM4521 and I managed to get it to work on Vista x64. Either I forgot what I did or Vista x64 works a little differently that XP x64, but we could not get the Account Tracking to work. The dialog where users would normally enter their acct code was grayed out and inaccessible. For those who use the Oce CM series printers or Konica-Minolta and NEC equivalents with Account Tracking, you know that users cannot print without having their code entered in the local printer properties.

The x64 driver was installed on the print server (see my earlier post on how that went), and when I added a network printer using the Add a Printer Wizard, it would actually show up in the list of available printers. However, as I mentioned, the “Authentication/Account Track…” button in the Default Settings for the printer only opened an inaccessible dialog box. After much trial and error, I decided to just install the printers locally using TCP/IP port for a direct connection to the device. This at least gave me access to enter the Account Tracking codes and get the printers working.

I noticed that when I did this, there was quite a bit of file/driver activity while the printer was being installed – even though I had already installed it once from the print server. So I decided to give installing from the server another shot and  – ta-da – it worked.

Here are my steps as best I can remember them:

  1. Add a local printer and create a new “Standard TCP/IP Port” using the IP address of the printer.
  2. Navigate to where you saved the x64 drivers (preferably on the network somewhere) and select the appropriate driver for your device.
  3. If prompted replace the existing drivers SELECT YES!
  4. Give it a name you will recognize (you’re going to delete it later).
  5. Set it as default (or not) and DO NOT print a Test Page.
  6. Don’t bother configuring the printer…
  7. Now add the network printer. It should be a pretty quick install.
  8. Open the properties for the network printer and verify you can access everything you need.
  9. Enter the user’s Account Tracking code and print a test page.
  10. If the page comes out OK, then delete the local printer you installed by right clicking and select Delete.
  11. DONE!