If you have remote access to your home computer, are hosting a website from home, or have a personal FTP server setup knowing your external IP address is pretty important. If your ISP is a service like Comcast or some DSL providers, your external IP address changes every time they change equipment – or when they feel like it. It can be several months or a couple of weeks between IP address changes so how do you keep up? clip0003


I found a very cool program called Gateway IP Monitor from netikus.net that will help you do just that – and it’s FREEWARE! You can find it here: www.netikus.net.


Basically it will check you IP address at intervals you set – from every ten minutes to every 99 days. If you IP address is not what it was the last time it checked, it will send you an email telling you what the new IP address is. It also has the ability to notify your Dynamic DNS provider of the change.


A very handy tool at a great price…