Running Logon Scripts with Windows 7

    UAC strikes again! If you use Group Policy to push logon scripts to your workstations AND your users are local administrators AND you just upgraded to Windows 7, you may have noticed that your scripts don’t work. You may have also noticed there are a plethora of suggested fixes out on the internet. Most ask you to […]

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    Fix it Files

    Here’s my list of goodies: RKill.exe TDSKiller RogueKiller Emsisoft Emergency Toolkit Malwarebytes SuperAntiSpyware   I have many others, but these are the main go to’s. I recommend downloading them from a “known good” computer onto a memory stick. I run them in the order you see them. RKill kills […]

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    Map Drives and Printers for All Users of an XP PC

    Here’s the problem: You have one, two, three, or more mapped drives that everyone in the office needs access to, you just got a new PC, and you are dreading having to map these drives everytime someone new logs in to the PC. Here’s the solution: (special thanks to John Savill over at Windows IT Pro […]

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    Set the Home Page in IE on XP w/ Local GP

    This is a solution for those folks who are not System Admins and/or are not connected to a network. It’s a great solution for a home PC that has multiple users or for a PC in an office that gets used by multiple users. Most computers come with some preset home page that is covered […]

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    Change Drive Letters w/o the Disk Management Snap-in

    After an excessively difficult time of upgrading a CD-ROM to a DVD RW, XP added insult to injury doing a number on me with drive letter assignments. A little background on the system – it is an older Dell Dimension that got a hard drive upgrade about 6 months ago. The original 30GB hard drive […]

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    Revit Local File Creation Tool

    It’s no secret that Revit MEP is not “all there” yet, but the folks at Autodesk are really making great progress (and we appreciate it!). We are still waiting for the hardware to catch up to Revit’s voracious needs and hopefully when the Core i7’s are mainstream, we’ll be there. In the mean time we […]

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    Change the Default Application for File Types

    There are a few ways to change the default application associated with a file extension. Here is an example of the simplest way I know. I am saddled with Windows Vista right now, and while the images are a little different, the process is the same for XP. 1) Right click on a file with […]

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    Activate Remote Desktop Remotely

    This is a pretty simple one, but since I keep forgetting the registry key, I’m putting it here: In order to use these steps, you need to know the machine name or IP address of the remote computer. Use Regedit to connect to the registry of the remote machine. (File menu > Connect Remote Registry) […]

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    Domain Names Won’t Resolve in Windows XP

    This one was a doozy – a real pain in the you-know-what. This was the problem: I had a client that tried to update his Norton 2006 using Symantec’s online purchase and update process. Somewhere in the middle of the update process it quit and when he tried to get back online to find out […]

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    New and Improved Video Conferencing

    If you’re a fan of simple, free video conferencing – there’s a new player in town. Well, it’s been around for a little over a year, but really came into it’s own last spring. It’s “ooVoo” and you can find it at If you’re used to Skype or Windows Live, then you’ll have no […]

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