Running Logon Scripts with Windows 7

    UAC strikes again! If you use Group Policy to push logon scripts to your workstations AND your users are local administrators AND you just upgraded to Windows 7, you may have noticed that your scripts don’t work. You may have also noticed there are a plethora of suggested fixes out on the internet. Most ask you to […]

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    “The attempt to log on to Microsoft Exchange has failed”

    Here is the problem. It first started with hundreds of event errors caused by Windows Search Service (3083, The protocol handler Search.Mapi2Handler.1 cannot be loaded. Error description: Class not registered). We are running XP 64bit, so I uninstalled Windows Search 4.0, downloaded the version for XP 64bit, and installed it. After a reboot, when I try to […]

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    Install Watchguard SSL VPN on Win 7 Pro x64

    Earlier I posted my steps for getting the Watchguard SSL VPN Client to work on Vista Business x64. Now we have a few test users upgraded to Windows 7 Professional 64-bit and once again SSL VPN is a problem child. Actually, that’s a little unfair – the problems with installation are result of Microsoft’s increased […]

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    Networked Oce CM4521 w/ Account Tracking on XP x64

    We have recently added a few XP x64 PC’s to our network and thought it would be simple since there are x64 drivers for the CM4521 and I managed to get it to work on Vista x64. Either I forgot what I did or Vista x64 works a little differently that XP x64, but we […]

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    Install x64 Print Drivers on a x86 Server

    I have Vista Business x64 installed on my laptop (not recommended btw) and our print server runs Windows Server 2003 x86. Our printers are typically initially installed using a vbs logon script that’s pushed via group policy. Well, that doesn’t work for my configuration for two reasons: 1) Vista account controls are are a complete […]

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    Installing Watchguard VPN with SSL on Vista x64

    We have a Watchguard x500 firewall and use the VPN with SSL client to access the network remotely. In anticipation of some of our power users moving to Vista Business x64, I’ve been running a copy through the paces. So far I’ve run into a few glitches – surprisingly none of them major with one […]

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    Activate Remote Desktop Remotely

    This is a pretty simple one, but since I keep forgetting the registry key, I’m putting it here: In order to use these steps, you need to know the machine name or IP address of the remote computer. Use Regedit to connect to the registry of the remote machine. (File menu > Connect Remote Registry) […]

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    Installing BES on Win2K3 + Exch2K3

    Our Setup: We have MS Exchange 2003 SP 2 installed on a single Windows 2K3 R2 server. We also have a few other servers hanging around for running applications and our intranet, etc. After some initial research (and because I don’t completely trust RIM), I chose to install the Blackberry Professional Software (aka Blackberry Enterprise […]

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    Exporting an Exchange 2003 Mailbox to PST

    Here are the steps for one way of exporting an Exchange mailbox to a PST (in our environment anyway) using the Exchange Migration Wizard: On the Exchange server, go to the Start Menu and find the Exchange Server group. Open Exchange Migration from the Deployment folder. Click ‘Next’ at the welcome screen. Select "Migrate from […]

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