Setting up your work email on a Blackberry Storm:

From the menu screen, open Setup, then choose Email Settings. This will start the connection to Settings.

You are then prompted to ‘Add a new account’ or ‘Create a Blackberry account’. Select ‘Add’ and you are then presented with a  list of possible account types. Select ‘Other’ and you are prompted to enter you email address and password. Unfortunately there is no readily apparent method to skip to entering Exchange information so you have to wait until the search for your mail server settings times out.

Once that happens you get the options to re-enter your information or provide the settings yourself. Pick the latter option and two more options come up – one to designate this as a personal account, one to designate it as a work account. Choose the work option.

There are (*sigh*) two options for a work account: POP/IMAP type or Outlook Web Access (OWA) type. In our case, you should choose the OWA option. NOW you are prompted to enter the settings for your OWA information. This is the tricky part so follow these directions closely:

  • Outlook Web Access URL: In our setup it is ‘’
  • User Name: This must include the domain prefix like this: ‘domainusername’
  • Password: Enter the same password you use to login to your PC at the office.
  • Email Address: Enter your complete email address ‘’
  • Mailbox Name: This is your username + @ + domain.local like this: ‘usern@domain.local’

The process is a little different on earlier versions of the Blackberries, but the basic process is the same.